Why photo metadata?

As you explore these collections you'll notice a section under each photo that says "Photo metadata." You might wonder:

  • What the heck is metadata? Think of metadata as information about content. The photo itself is the content, but there's lots of information available about it, including when it was shot, what camera was used,  the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings on the camera, etc. This kind of information is known as technical metadata. Each photo also has a title, and I have added descriptive text for some of them. This is known as descriptive metadata, but in this case it makes more sense to display the title above each image, and the text description just below it. So the Photo metadata section contains only technical metadata which I hope you'll find interesting.
  • Why include this level of detail? When I look at other peoples' photos, I like to know something about how they took them. I see amazing landscape shots, and wonder what lens they used, at what aperture and shutter speed, etc. By providing this metadata for my photos, I'm letting you know as much as possible about how I shot them.
  • Isn't this lots of work to provide the photo metadata? Actually it's no work at all, since when you snap a picture with a digital camera, lots of metadata is added automatically. This is called EXIF metadata, and I'm using a simple script to extract it directly from each photo and then display it on the web page as text.

I hope this is helpful as you consider these photos and think about taking your own.